| Written By – Manav Kaul

 | Language – Hindi

 | Duration – 35 mins

 | Directed By – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

 | About The Play :

There are several layers to ‘Park’, a play by Manav Kaul. On a simplistic level it is a comedy about three men in a park fighting for their place; there are three benches but not enough. The play touches upon that thing which is at a premium these days – space – literally and metaphorically. What starts of as light hearted banter evolves into a serious conflict about space, territory and ownership. These become the main issues. Park can be many things; it can be a metaphor for home.

 | CAST :

  1. Uday – Shubham Chaudhary
  2. Nawaaz – Udit Goel
  3. Madan – Ayush Chhabra

 | CREW :

LIGHTS : Shivani Bisht, Niteesh Taraagi

SOUND : Gaurav Kumar Gautam

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