|Written By – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

|Language – Hindi

|Duration – 30 mins

|Directed By – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

|About The Play :

Khandaani gawah is a comedy drama depiciting the witt of GOGA BAAPJI who works under the alias of KHANDAANI GAWAH. He is a really smart, witty and a very convincing liar who knows how to play with words. He secretly works as a paid witness to dupe the authorities. And Ramlal, whose uncle has recently died leaving all his unnamed valuables behind, convinced the Khaandani Gawah to be a witness to his uncle leaving all his valuables to him and give a statement to the officer. The Khandaani Gawah tries his level best to convince the police inspector.


  1. Khandaani Gawah – Manas Raj Barodia
  2. Sharaabi – Vikram Singh Rajput
  3. Inspector – Anchit Saxena
  4. Hawaldaar 1 – Tushar Puri
  5. Hawaldaar 2/Bhikaari – Sagar Kishtwal
  6. Shopkeeper/Kaidi – Saatvik Arora
  7. Customers – Aayush Mishra, Kanika Deegwal, Isha Goyal, Naman Mishra, Anish
  8. Tapri Wale Log – Aayush Mishra, Anish
  9. Chai Waali – Isha Goyal
  10. Pati – Naman Mishra
  11. Patni – Vanshika Camma
  12. Maa – Tanvi
  13. Beti – Saakshi 


Lights – Shubham Garg
Music – Ritobroto Basu Roy & Sagar Paul


Jasmine, Ayan, Utkarsh, Nagendra, Aarti, Simran, Muskan

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