| Written by – Swadesh Deepak

 | Language – Hindi

 | Duration – 80 minutes

 | Directed by – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

 | About the Play :

Kaal Kothari symbolizes the magical trap of the world of theatre. It throws light on the life of theatre artists – their struggles and the inner conflicts.
It is the story of Rajat who is following his passion and is a great stage actor but when money becomes the sole measurement of success, the first thing which gets affected is his art. He has hardly any money to feed his family and faces a very tough time with his son and wife. His retired father and unmarried sister has to work in order to support the family. Eventually, Rajat is forced to find a job but does not succeed. The play beautifully depicts the life of a theatre artist whose future is as dark as a ‘Kaal Kothari’ where even the sunrays cannot peep in.

 | Cast :

Aakash Hingorani as Badri Kaul

Akshat Varshaney as Mahender and an officer

Azhar Khan as Rajat’s father and an officer

Chitwan as Kaanta

Gaurav Gautam as Angad

Manas Raj Badoria as Naveen Sharma and IAS Kishore Chand Sharma

Manavendra as a member of the Theatre group

Pankaj as a member of the Theatre group

Rachna Agarwal as Vasundhara

Rishabh Sharma as Make up dada and Ravi

Sakshi Gupta as Meena

Shivam Raheja as Balwant

Smriddhi Sharma as Shobha

Varun Sharma as Rajat

Vipul Aggarwal as Rajeev

Lights – Shivani Bisht

Sound – Aishwarya Chawla

Backstage – Aatmika, Udit Goel, Bhavik Magoo, Aakriti Lal, Chitwan, Shubham Garg, Saumya Sharma, Aayushi Joshi, Ankush Sharma, Sachit Gupta, Swati Pandey

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