The play ‘ Hinsa Ke Viruddh- Dharmayuddh’ focuses on the issues pertaining to violence such as homicides, suicides, acid attacks, animal abuse,terrorist activities, road rage etc. ; their causes and its impact.

The first part shows a direct dichotomy between the epic tale of Mahabharata and the modern era violence. The play starts with a sword fight significant of the battlefield of mahabharata. After which the play deals with majors concerns and causes of violence. It encapsulates anger, greed, ego, lust, property etc. as some of the major causes and concerns. The play showcases the striking similarities between 
Headley and Shakuni ; and Draupadi representing the rape victims. Looking back to the time when Mahabharata happened, nothing much has changed now and violence is going global.

A lot of factors play a major role in aiding violent behavior. Either the environment we grow up in, for instance, abusive parents, violent surroundings, media influence or particular situations that are a major blow to a person’s life may turn a normal person to a violent being. Basically, VIOLENCE BREEDS VIOLENCE.

Violence has always been destructive to the mankind, hampering their physical, emotional and social well being. The play shows the atrocities, the agony and the pain that people undergo when they lose their loved ones.

Where on one hand Mahabharata tells the tale of war; Bhagvadgeeta on the other hand , nullifies it and preaches about love, brotherhood, harmony and forgiveness. It advocates peace, not war.

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