An unending conflict continues between TRP and CONTENT for news, which is nowadays ‘made’ and sold by the news channels to gross high TRPs ignoring the vitality of content thereby condemning the capacity of people to withhold true facts…. In a country where media is considered as the 4th pillar of democracy AND NEWS CHANNELS A VERY IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF THE SAME.

The play in its first half covers the unethical coverage of news channels wherein, one can be the audience of not-so-required news. One can barely rely over the polls, the interviews and debates happening over the news media for they are edited to extent of even manipulating the general public voice over their country’s elections.
With its great influence and due to its decision-taking nature, News Channels are successful at making judgements for people in conflict with the law without even waiting for the court’s judgement like in the case of Amit Bhatnagar who was released after being proven guilt-free.

Is the content of news channels worth being considered to form a perception anymore? Is their coverage by transgressing national security worth the broadcast which puts the lives of hundreds of soldiers in manhole like the incident of 26/11?
Wasteful amount of time and energy is put in such news, repeating a news several times from each and every possible angle, objectifying women and putting the country to shame by showing illicit images of dress malfunctions, bringing astrology to new channels, discussing ‘saajish of saas and bahu’.

News channels can have a major impact on the government and public’s thinking and opinions and that if it tries and wants, it can actually help EVEN the north eastern part of India feel as a part of India regardless of just the boundaries on the map.

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