Original Play – Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay by Dario Fo 

 | Adapted by – Amitabh Srivastava

 | Language – Hindi

 | Duration – 60 minutes

 | Directed by – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

 | About the Play :

Chukayenge Nhi is a political satire translated in Hindi by Amitabh Srivastav. It is originally written by Dario Fo in Italian in 1974. The theme plot is that consumer backlash against the high prices.

According to the plot Lakshmi smuggles the food out of the supermarket during the riot created by all the ladies against the price hike. Mala, Lakshmi’s best friend, help her in the task. Lakshmi’s husband, Govind is very disciplined and an honest person. He will love to die due to hunger but will never eat stolen food.
Knowing this fact Lakshmi and Mala hide the food from him.
The police start investigating the case and searching every house of the colony for the theft food items.
Meanwhile Govind and Jogi, Mala’s husband, after knowing the fact that they have been kicked out of their jobs change their path and steal the sacks full of sugar and flour.
All these events are braided in such a manner that it leaves the audience in giggles.

 | Cast :

Govind – Aakash Hingorani

Laxmi – Supriya Singh

Jogi – Gaurav Gautum

Mala – Aatmika Rajput

Inspector – Azhar Khan

Hawaldaar – Sahil

Maaji – Aayushi Joshi

Laxmi’s Father – Azhar Khan 

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