|Written By – Rajkumar Verma

|Language – Hindi, Urdu 


|Directed By – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

|About The Play :

Everyone is well aware of the treacherous actions of Aurangzeb the great Mughal emperor, but what about it’s repercussions.
Aurangzeb rose and built an empire but when he fell, the stones of his very own empire made him bleed. His dying voice craved for the forgiveness and sympathy of the souls he erased from the face of the Earth. And at last, even death found it hard to swiftly reach his path.
‘Aurangzeb Ki Aakhri Raat’ is the saga that tells about all those laments which he had before his demise.


  1. Aurangzeb – Manas Raj Barodia
  2. Zinat-Un-Nissa – Sakshi Gupta
  3. Hakim – Anchit Saxena
  4. Shah Jahan – Niteesh Taragi
  5. Katib – Mashkoor Ahmed
  6. Kareem – Tushar Puri
  7. Dara – Ayan Sen 


  1. LIGHTS – Shivani Bisht, Shubham Garg
  2. SOUND – Ritobroto Basu Roy


Swati, Udit, Gaurav, Ashi, Ayush, Vikram, Aarti, Sakshi, Ayush…

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