| Written by – Brajendra Shah

 | Language – Hindi

 | Duration – 40 minutes

 | Directed by – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

 | About the Play :

The play “ASHTAVAKRA” takes us all the way back to the Hindu Mythological Era. It is based

on an incident that took place in reign of Raja Janak, The King of Mithila. A learned sage,

Mahapandit Bandi arrived at Mithila and expressed his vedic and academic knowledge.

Mahapandit Bandi challenged Raja Janak for a competition where scholars from all around

the country could come to have a debate and prove to have a greater knowledge than

Mahapandit Bandi by defeating him. But the condition was that the one who loses will have

to give up his life by drowning in the river Sindhu. It was the last day of the 12 yeared

competition and no one arrived till noon. Suddenly, to everyone’s astonishment, a fourteen

year old, kid, named ASHTAVAKRA with a peculiar appearance and eight bends in his body

came in to compete. Even on being forced and warned by everyone, he did not agree to

back off and went on to present his knowledge. Ashtavakra eventually went on to win over

Mahapandit Bandi. After his defeat, the latter requests the former to make him his disciple.

 | Cast:

Ashtavakra – Shubham Garg

Mahapandit Bandi – Udit Goel

Raja Janak – Tushar Puri

Sadanand – Bhavik Magoo

Sabhasad 1 – Sachit Gupta

Sabhasad 2 – Vipul Aggarwal

Sabhasad 3 – Sarthak Sinha

Dwarpal – Ankush Sharma

Charangann – Payal Agarwal, Ipshita Saxena, Priya Malik, Arushi Khanna

Lights – Vradhi Srivastava, Sakshi Gupta

Music – Manas Raj Barodia, Amber Minocha, Gaurav Gautam

Make-up – Jitendra Kumar

Backstage – Deepak Aggarwal, Pragya Purang, Bipasha Parashar, Aarti Arora, Ridhesh Bharti Gaur,

Vikram Singh

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