| Written By – Chiaomi Hara

 | Adapted By – Mr. Arun Chaturvedi

 | Language – Hindi 

 | Duration – 40 minutes

 | Directed By – Varun Sharma, Director, Theatreleela Acting Studio

 | About the Play :

AAINA symbolizes the innocence of a poor family based in remote hilly areas. This family has witnessed a reflecting mirror for the first time ever in their life. Aaina, very dramatically depicts what each member of the family goes through when they see their own reflection in the mirror. Each member of the family interprets it in a unique manner. The comical and emotional moments each character experiences is what makes this whole journey eventful. 

 | CAST : 

  1. Bajyo – Manas Raj Barodia
  2. Eeja – Sakshi Gupta
  3. Shaude – Swati Pandey
  4. Khemu – Gaurav Kumar Gautam

 | CREW :

LIGHTS – Shivani Bisht, Udit Goel

SOUND – Aishwarya Chawla 

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